Momma’s Rain
by Tom Sterner
(excerpt from review by Martha Cheves)
Author Tom Sterner has written a book that will break the hearts of every reader.  It will also wake the reader up to the injustice most of us seem to perform not only as children but also as adults.  It’s made me see the man or woman on the street with a different eye, one with even more compassion for them and their challenge to survive.  I recommend that you not only read Momma’s Rain but that you also teach the lessons learned to the kids and grandkids in your life.
349 Pages
ISBN# 978-0954484699
Madman Chronicles: The Warrior

Review by Daniel Meyer, Texas 
An epic and compelling adventure. An artful blending of motorcycles and the unique souls who ride them, clashing cultures, family love, the loyalty and honor of friends, stunning betrayals, and inconceivable evil all swirling in a land teetering between apocalypses. Join Wulf as he leads his people into the labyrinth, part of which is a futuristic underground habitation that just might be their salvation or something much, much more. Mr. Sterner has also written music that may be downloaded from his site that correlates to the chapters in the book, a unique concept that should not be missed by the reader.
704 pages
ISBN #1-59286-793-6